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      Yingkou Daze Magnesium Industry Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive manufacturer of magnesium oxide, light firing powder, bitter earth powder, magnesium ball and final slag modifier. Our factory was established in 2000 and has been developing for more than ten years. Therefore, whether from the production capacity or technical experience, our factory has reached the standard level of the industry. Our factory has 2 sets of 3R medium-sized thunder manganese machines, 1 set of 5R large-scale thunder manganese machines and 7 light-burning rotary kilns, which can meet the different needs of various industries and fields for magnesium oxide. In 2010, according to the market demand, our factory introduced 2 sets of advanced ball press equipment, and added magnesium ball production line, thus widening the scope of our factory's products.

      Because our factory is mainly the production and processing of magnesium oxide enterprises, so we could reduce the raw materials link of magnesium balls , greatly lower the cost of production . Therefore, the magnesium balls in our factory can both  meet the guarantee of the quality, reduce the price of the products, and improve the market competitiveness of our factory.

      Our factory has always adhered to the "quality of survival, quality and development, quality and efficiency" business philosophy. Our factory adheres to the principle that the price of raw materials rises and the quality of products does not decline. It is well known for its stable quality and good reputation among the customers. Many customers come back to us after using several products and ask for our supply again voluntarily. Therefore, the sales volume increases steadily year by year.

      With the continuous development of our country's economy and social progress, the application of magnesium oxide has been expanding, magnesium oxide manufacturers have sprung up like mushrooms. Our competition is becoming more and more intense. Therefore, "basing ourselves on a new starting point and opening up a new prospect" has also become the goal of our continuous efforts in the future.